ROC Conversation


ROC (Redeeming our Communities) is a Christian community engagement charity formed in 2004 in Manchester. The Conversation involves an evening discussion facilitated by the charity and brings together representatives from local churches, other faith groups, local charities, agencies and front-line groups such as police, paramedics, the local Council and schools, among others. The event will initially look at all the good things which are happening in Woking before moving on to identify where there are gaps - based on the input which the various participants can give. ROC will produce a report from the Conversation which will enable targeted action groups to be formed comprising the relevant organisations to carry forward work to address the gaps identified.

Trinity hosted the ROC Conversation for Woking on Thursday 12th March 2020. It has been invoked as part of our outreach to the town under the Foundry initiative. More information can be found on our Home Page or by contacting the Church Administrator.

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